Important Note:  All scholarship applications must be submitted online via the application website.

90 scholarships awarded
Available to high school graduates and non-traditional students
1 universal application for all scholarships

Scholarship opens:  November 15, 2023

Scholarship closes:  January 8, 2024


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The Community Foundation of Randolph County awards scholarships to full-time and part-time
  degree-seeking students who are high school graduates of a Randolph County school corporation:

Monroe Central High School
Randolph Southern Junior/Senior High School
Union High School
Union City Junior/Senior High School
Winchester Community High School

Scholarship opportunities are also available for:

A displaced worker from Randolph County
A non-traditional student who worked in the glass or mold industries
A non-traditional student who attended Monroe Central High School
A student who is a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church of Winchester, Indiana
A student from New Castle High School in New Castle, Indiana
A student from Mississinawa Valley High School in Union City, OH

To learn more about these scholarships, visit our Scholarships Database.