Randolph County Promise makes it easy for families to start an Indiana (formerly CollegeChoice) 529 Direct Savings Plan account for future education by providing step-by-step instructions to open an account and to report the account to the Community Foundation.  Once enrolled, the Community Foundation of Randolph County, Inc. opens a scholarship account for the student and deposits an initial $25 to kick-start their scholarship account. This scholarship money may be used for college, technical school or trade school tuition.

How does Randolph County Promise work?

Students in grades K-8 will be given opportunities to earn additional deposits into their scholarship accounts by completing various incentives dependent on grade level. Those incentives may include Champions Week, good attendance, coloring contest, participation in an extra-curricular activity, and a reading/service project. (See chart of incentives here.)

Each year, Randolph County Promise takes all Randolph County third-grade students to IU East for Walk Into My Future.  It is a day of activities presented by the staff and students of IU East specifically for our students. Students can explore the campus and get excited about education beyond high school. 

Once a Promise student graduates from high school and receives a tuition bill from their chosen institution, provide it to the Community Foundation of Randolph County for approval and processing. 

How can my child participate in Randolph County Promise?

Before your child can participate in Randolph County Promise, you will need to establish an Indiana 529 Direct Savings Plan account. To help with this process, we have developed instructions in English and in Spanish/en español.

If you already have one child with an account, the opening an account for another child is a simpler process and these instructions – in English and in Spanish/en español – for opening an Additional Account can help.

Once your child has an Indiana 529 Direct Savings Plan account, you can enroll your child in Randolph County Promise using this form (in English or in Spanish/en español).


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