Each year, the Community Foundation gives nearly 100 scholarships to graduating seniors from Randolph County. The Foundation also coordinates the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program, which provides a  full-tuition scholarship for 4 years to one deserving student.


2021 Lilly Recipient

Ella Baldwin

2021 lilly semi-finalists

Pictured from left to right, front row:  Ella Baldwin-Winchester, Raylee Seliga-Winchester, Kevalina Davis-Winchester, Lauren Harris-Winchester
second row:  Hannah Tayor-Monroe Central, Caleb Hines-Winchester, Hunter Reagan-Union City, Kyle Buckingham-Union City, Elijah Love-Winchester, Madison Hargarten-Winchester




2020 Lilly Recipient

Derrick Williams

2020 lilly semi-finalists

Grant Wagner—Winchester, Leah Keesling—Randolph Southern, Heidi Livingston—Union City, Katie Reichard—Union City, Madeline Lawrence—Winchester, Brooke Bolton—Monroe Central, Kate Hendrickson—Winchester, Lindsey Herrera—Winchester, Derick Williams—Union City, Cole Campbell–Winchester

2019 Lilly recipient

Sydney Conn

2019 lilly semi-finalist

Pictured From left to right: Semi-Finalist Sophia Spence , Recipient Sydney Conn, Finalist Maria Batt, Alternate Emily McCoy , Alternate Reagan Hoggatt, Semi-Finalist Kara Mosier, Finalist Deliha Talbott,  Semi-Finalist Brooke Covert, Semi-Finalist Riley Helms , Semi-Finalist Emma Baldwin

2018 Lilly recipient

Emma Keesling

2018 lilly semi-finalist

Pictured From left to right: Semi-Finalist Nalaina Whitesel, Alternate Connor Kerns, Finalist Justiss Cantu, Semi-Finalist Meghan Gillespie, Finalist Ellie Kerns, Semi-Finalist Trevor Thompson, Alternate Zoe Fisher,  Semi-Finalist Joel Edwards, Recipient Emma Keesling, Semi-Finalist Wyatt Snyder

2017 Lilly Recipient

Elizabeth Sowinski

2017 Lilly semi-Finalist

Pictured Left to Right: Hayden Downey, Semi-Finalist Aaron Wallace, Alternate Leah Wren, Alternate Austin Lawrence, Semi-Finalist Landry Zimmers, Finalist Kollin Warren, Recipient Elizabeth Sowinski, Semi-Finalist Kyle Reichard, Semi-Finalist Zoe Robinson, Semi-Finalist Elizabeth Deckard

2016 Lilly Recipient

MacKenzie Bales

MacKenzie Bales

2016 Lilly semi-Finalists

2016 Lilly Finalists

Pictured Left to Right: Front Row: Levi Baldridge; MacKenzie Bales; Yogen Solanki; Cierra Burford; Back Row: Rachel Brumfield; Rebecca Neville; Abigail Shores; Luke Dotson; Morgan Haney

2015 Lilly Recipient

Rhett Snyder


2015 Lilly semi-Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Vincent Walker; Makenzie Winger; Jessica Pollitt; Sharon Smith; Quincey Thompson; back row- Rhett Snyder; Frederick Wilson II; Mackenzie Mehaffey; Raelynn Mills; Braydon Bradbury

2014 Lilly Recipient

Jentry Flesher

Jentry Flesher

2014 Lilly semi-Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Shianna Knoll; Madison Kramer; Darby Overton; Sarah Gray; Blake Moore; back row- Delaney Miller; Alex Myers; Evan Sowinksi (alternate); Chase Bly (alternate); Jentry Flesher (recipient)

2013 Lilly Recipient

Taryn Saulmon

Taryn Saulmon

2013 Lilly semi-Finalists

2013 Lilly Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Hannah Franklin; Nolan Ramer; Taryn Saulmon (recipient); Cody Morris; Gavin Cox; back row- Chelsi Wall(alternate); Bryan Bergman; Cailin Reedy; Ben Van Camp; Lauren Peacock (alternate)

2012 Lilly Recipient

Mylie Winger

Mylie Winger

2012 Lilly semi-Finalists

Pictured left to right: Kelsey Cross; Sharla Smith (alternate); Carlie Fisher; Mylie Winger (recipient); Sara Neville; Zach Bower; Rachel Osborn; Ashleigh Maggart; Chelsy Michael; Devin Naylor

2011 Lilly Recipients

Pictured left to right: front row- Amanda Short (recipient); back row- Garrett Cates (alternate); Zackary Holt (alternate)

2011 Lilly Finalists

2011 Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Jennifer Greene; India Van Camp; Trevor Phenis; Amanda Short (recipient); back row- Amber Davis; Kiley Lipps; Zackary Holt; Garrett Cates; Logan Thomas

2010 Lilly Recipients

2010 Recipients

Pictured left to right: Emily Lumpkin (alternate); Gabriel Winkle (recipient); Jaelyn Saulmon (recipient); Kyler Naylor (recipient)

2010 Lilly Finalists

2010 Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Amelia Ordonez; John Milner; Haley Thomas; Nicole Wilber; back row- J.D. Oswalt; Cierra Edwards; Jordan Wall; Mark Daly; Adam Barga

2009 Lilly Recipients

2009 Recipients

Left: Kathryn (Katie) Miller; Right: Jack Cummings

2009 Lilly Finalists

2009 Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Kayla Greene (alternate); Courtney Clevenger; Jenna Shafer; Kellyn Coats; Carlissa Perry; back row- Kathryn Miller (recipient); Clorinda Tharp; Daniel Boettger; Jack Cummings (recipient); Lyle Franklin

2008 Lilly Recipients

Grace WallaceSarah Armstrong

Left: Grace Wallace; Right: Sarah Armstrong

2008 Lilly Finalists

2008 Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Katie Hufford; Jade Hill; Amanda Green; Lauren Miller; Grace Wallace (recipient); back row- Sarah Armstrong (recipient); Luke Poole (alternate); Rebekah Allen; Matthew Garringer; Matthew Daly

2007 Lilly Finalists

2007 Finalists

Pictured left to right: front row- Hilarie Thomas; Michelle Rinard; Lindsey Cox; Sarah Dalton; Mara Mote (recipient); John Michael Lutz (recipient); back row- David McIlwain; Anya DeVoss; Lynsee Shaffer; Jonathan Foreman