East Central Opportunities Endowed Scholarship Fund

Education and training for displaced workers in Randolph Co.; preference to resident of Randolph Co. for employment in Randolph Co.; terminated or laid off, eligible or exhausted unemployment insurance, not eligible for unemployment and unlikely to return to previous industry, terminated or laid off due to permanent closure, was self-employed but unemployed due to general…

Rickert-Shierling Educational Scholarship Fund

The Fund was established to provide scholarships to students who meet the following qualifications:  A resident of Randolph County, Indiana, any age seeking higher education, post-secondary education, or adult education, in pursuit of a certificate, diploma or academic degree.  Preference will be given to a student with a desire to learn more about human sexuality…

Tom and Betty Herold

Awarded to member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Winchester.  Separate Application. Student must be seeking a 2 or 4 year post-secondary degree and must be certified by the pastor of St. Joseph’s Church as a member of the congregation. In any year that there is no eligible recipient, a distribution will not be made.

U & C Scholarship

Given to students who have been accepted into a 2 or 4 year public or private institution of higher learning and are family members of vendors, business associates or children of company employees of B & F Plastics.