How Randolph County promise works

  • To encourage families to open College Choice 529 accounts and incentivize them as the children progress through 3rd grade and beyond.
  • Once a child registers for their Promise College Choice 529 account, RC Promise provides the initial deposit of $25 and matching funds during the champion week $1/$1 up to $24.99. Youth who raise $25 or more will receive an additional community monetary gift.
  • During Champion Week, each student is encouraged to identify his or her Champion. A champion is an individual who will come alongside a student (or students) to encourage them in their education by sending encouraging notes, attending school functions, and/or contributing to their College Choice 529 account.
  • Through participation in RC Promise, the student experiences various career opportunities such as visiting the IU East campus, participating in classroom activities that continue to expose them to future opportunities, and establishing a College Choice 529 savings account that will help pay for post-secondary education.

YOU Can Help!

Local individuals and businesses can support Randolph County Promise by providing tax-deductible contributions to enable us to continue assisting families in opening College Choice 529 accounts for their children.
For more information, contact:
Karen Dillow Promise Coordinator | 765-584-9077 ext 204 |
or visit

Promise Indiana Randolph County