Community Foundation Names the Newest Randolph County Hero

The News-Gazette and the Community Foundation of Randolph County continue their celebration of local heroes who have impacted the community or exceeded expectations to serve others. This effort is the result of a Community Foundation program that helps recognize such people, while also raising money to help others.

“We thought a really neat thing would be to create a list of Randolph County Heroes,” said Community Foundation board member Cathy Stephen-Miller of the ongoing program which started in 2015. “For $1,000, anyone can nominate a person (living or deceased), business, or community organization for the designation of a Randolph County Hero. The money goes into our unrestricted fund, which the board uses to do great things in Randolph County for years to come.”

Those designated as Randolph County Heroes will have their names on a plaque at the Foundation office and will be featured in the News-Gazette.

The Randolph County Heroes Fund is a wonderful way to remember someone who has passed and a great way to honor those currently working to make Randolph County a better place to live. Dr. Philip Howell, who was recently nominated as a Randolph County Hero, has nominated Sue Thornburg.


Sue Thornburg

Sue Thornburg is a wonderful choice as a Community Foundation of Randolph County Hero. She is a lifelong Randolph County resident who has given her time and talents in many ways throughout her lifetime. She grew up and still resides in Union City, Indiana; a Union City High School graduate who stays active in the community. Sue is a believer in all things good – that there are always better days ahead, and she proved just that when she was diagnosed in 1997 with a liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. After years of illness and coping with PSC, Sue was blessed with a liver transplant in 2012. Sue is always counting her blessings. In 2012 and today, Sue always points out the positive things in life. In 2012, right before her liver transplant, she said: “I have a great team of doctors at IU Med and have complete trust in them. My family has also been a great source of encouragement through all of this.” Sue Thornburg is a mentor, a role model, a friend, an aunt, a sister, and (most of all) a strong and compassionate fighter.

Sue has worked and served above and beyond her official job title of office manager in the Randolph County Purdue Extension Office for over 33 years. She is a major component of the Extension Office team as the office administrator who is the first to greet visitors and all the members of the Randolph County 4-H Fair each year. The Extension office team quickly states that “Sue is always willing to give 110% percent to all Extension programs, 4-H Families, and to the entire Randolph County community. Over the past 33 years, Sue has impacted over 500 4-H youth members each and every year. She is a trusted and welcoming face to all that enter the Extension Office.” Throughout Sue’s 33 years of service, she has seen many changes, and Purdue Extension Randolph County officer Julie Wilson says they would be lost without her knowledge and friendship!

Sue Thornburg is a star shining bright for the good in the world today. Her calm personality, her strong belief that good will always prevail, and her service to others is a goal we all should work towards.