Inspiring kids to work hard and do their best is a common theme among adults.  We award their behavior with A’s, patches to put on their jackets, certificates of achievement, and applause.  Why wouldn’t we? After all, they did work hard and do their best.

But, what about the other kids?  The kids that hide in the back of the classroom praying the teacher doesn’t call on them to read out loud.   The kids that go to tutoring and educational camps instead of sports practice.  The kids that cry every night while doing homework because it’s just so overwhelming.  The kids I’m referring to are the kids with dyslexia.  My kid.  Me.  These kids work just as hard, or harder, but earn the B’s and C’s.  They are told their best isn’t good enough for the certificate or applause.

If these kids can’t read and write good enough to earn that A, what can they do?  Well, here’s a short list.  High IQ, creative, problem solving, determined, empathetic, perseverance, grit, excellent comprehension of stories read to them, strong reasoning skills, and are often entrepreneurial. Their gifts are far too many to get them all in this article, but wouldn’t you agree these qualities are great for employment?  We need these kids working in the community, starting their businesses and giving back, not giving up.

You see, when their grades tank, so does the self-esteem.  I’ve lived it and it’s not a fun place to be.  It’s the goal of the Inspiring Randolph County – Jammie Michael Scholarship Fund to inspire, generate enthusiasm around learning, and letting these kids know their best is just right!  They do deserve the applause and I want to give it to them in the form of this scholarship on awards night.  I want them to stand tall when they hear their name and be proud of who they are and what they have to offer our community.  Please join me in inspiring these kids.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about dyslexia, please visit the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana at  If you’re affected by dyslexia or think someone you know might have it and want some guidance, I’d love to help.  Please contact me at the number listed below.

A Note From Jammie…

This endowment, once fully funded, will provide opportunities for students with dyslexia for many, many years.  Every year, starting with the class of 2022, one Randolph County senior will be awarded $1,000 towards higher education. I’m always eager to talk about dyslexia and the scholarship.  I can be contacted at
765-546-1414 if you’d like to chat or want to learn more.   Your support is greatly appreciated!
Sincerely, Jammie Michael

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