Union City Kiwanis Club

Purpose- to provide support as directed by the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation for educational scholarships for students who are accepted into and attend accredited two- or four-year public or private institutions of higher learning.  Awarded alternate years to one graduate from Mississinawa Valley High School and one graduate from Union City Community…

Virginia Davis Crew Weber

WCHS graduate, academic leader, financial need, probable success, attended WCHS Junior and Senior years, preference to pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, or high school in that order.  Renewable – must maintain “B” G.P.A. during course of study.

Wallace L. and Edna V. Fields

Awarded to Winchester Community High School student who has exhibited an interest in history.  Financial need is priority. Qualifications that should also be considered: attitude toward school work, initiative, incentive, worthiness, willingness, citizenship, cooperation, interest in Randolph County Historical Society, interest in the Randolph County Historical Museum, resident of Ward Township.

Walter L. Shaw Music

Awarded to graduate of Union City Community High School.  Must have a 3.0 GPA or above.  Must have intent to major or minor in music, music education or music history through written communication (i.e short essay describing intent and part music plays in the applicant’s life).  Display a proficient in musical skills and abilities (by…

Winchester Chamber of Commerce

Application procedure:  Student must prepare an application using a 12 –point, professional font and double spaced.  Must include name, address, and phone no., parent(s)’/Guardian(s)’ name(s), address, and telephone no.; name and address of university/ college/ technical school in which the student has been accepted; List goals for the next 5 years; must write about community…