Gloria Godfrey & Larry Wasson Scholarship

A four year scholarship awarded to graduating senior of Randolph Eastern School Corporation who demonstrates strong academic ability, leadership and citizenship and who is pursuing a BS degree at accredited college or university in Math, Physics, Chemistry, or Engineering.  Preference given to applicants pursuing a degree in order listed.  Must maintain 3.0 GPA to continue…

Gene & Roberta Bennett Memorial

Two scholarships to graduating students of Union City Community High School-one for a student pursuing an education degree and the other for a student pursuing a business degree at a 2 or 4 year college with a good standing G.P.A.

Inez M. Howe Memorial

Awarded to a WCHS and Randolph Southern graduating senior who are in financial need due to a lack of resources to continue their education.

Tom and Betty Herold

Awarded to member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Winchester.  Separate Application. Student must be seeking a 2 or 4 year post-secondary degree and must be certified by the pastor of St. Joseph’s Church as a member of the congregation. In any year that there is no eligible recipient, a distribution will not be made.

East Central Opportunities Endowed Scholarship Fund

Education and training for displaced workers in Randolph Co.; preference to resident of Randolph Co. for employment in Randolph Co.; terminated or laid off, eligible or exhausted unemployment insurance, not eligible for unemployment and unlikely to return to previous industry, terminated or laid off due to permanent closure, was self-employed but unemployed due to general…

Ralph W. Stuck, Jr. Memorial

Awarded to a senior boy/girl graduate of Monroe Central High School.  Must meet the following requirements:  academic achievement, leadership, ability, probable success in her/his selected field, and possible need.  Student must rank in the upper half of her/his class.  Student must have applied for admission and accepted to an accredited Indiana college or university.  Student…

Stephen Family Community

Purpose of fund shall be to provide scholarships to students graduating from Union, Winchester, Monroe Central, or New Castle High Schools. Criteria for the scholarship(s) shall be the following: 1) Student(s) must have passed the Statewide Graduation Exam, 2) student(s) will have a minimum of a 3.0 G.P.A., 3) student(s) shall be accepted to either…