14th: Women’s Fund Annual Brunch

27th: Region 5 IAC Grant Review



Spring Grant Reception – (Date TBA)



Quotes from the 1st Annual Lilly Scholars Picnic:

“It’s not every day you receive a Lilly Scholarship, but it will change your life every day after.” -Amanda Short, 2011 Lilly Recipient

“Being a board member has opened my eyes to the needs of our county.” -Lyle “Skip” Overmyer, Board Member

“The Lilly Scholarship has allowed me to pursue my goals in education without worrying about the enormous debt that comes with higher education.” -Kyle Lehman, 2001 Lilly Recipient

“The scholarship selection process gives me the opportunity to meet fine young people with bright futures, and to feel I’ve participated in their educational process.” -Sheryl Thurston, Board Member

“It’s a great thing to honor great kids.” -Anonymous Board Member